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22 Feb, 2022 21:48

Biden: Russia to be 'judged by actions, not words'

After making reporters wait more than 90 minutes, President Biden gave a brief speech from the White House wherein he announced severe new sanctions against Russian financial institutions, elected officials, "elites" and sovereign debt in what he claims is a purely defensive reaction to Russian recognition of the independent republics in the Donbass region formerly controlled by Ukraine and the deployment of Russian peacekeeping forces to the troubled area. "They share in the corrupt games of the Kremlin..." and should "share the pain as well," he said of those targeted by these sanctions. Biden also announced the deployment of more US forces to the nearby Baltic states, and he slammed Russian President Putin's Monday speech as a "twisted rewrite of history" and "attack on Ukraine's right to exist." Manila Chan of In Question anchors our all-star panel of analysts in the run up to the speech, from whom we hear again after its conclusion. We hear invaluable insights from investigative journalist Ben Swann, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof, RT senior writer Nebojsa Malic and "Watching the Hawks" host Tyrel Ventura. They also talk about the unfolding situation in Ukraine and related topics, including problems in US history education, problems in statecraft, double-standards involved in “American exceptionalism,” President Biden’s ties to Ukrainian oligarchs and more.