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8 Feb, 2022 22:59

Macron meets Russia & Ukraine presidents – can France save Europe from war? (full show)

President Emmanuel Macron of France is in Kyiv following meetings with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow. He will be in Berlin by Tuesday evening. Macron announced that representatives from France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia will now prepare for the first round of “Normandy 4” talks since 2019, to kick off on Thursday. He claims to have “concrete proposals” to bring an end to the tense chill in relations between Russia and NATO over Ukraine’s future orientation. RT’s Peter Oliver reports. Then former UK MP George Galloway and Pepe Escobar of the Asia Times share their insights.

Immigration attorneys are reporting an unprecedented demand for foreign nurses as overburdened US hospitals struggle with lingering staffing shortages. The State Dept is prioritizing applicants who are seeking to immigrate in connection with the fight against COVID-19, such as healthcare workers, but experts say more investment in training nurses here in the US is still lacking and direly needed to fix hospitals’ staffing crisis. RT America’s Mollye Barrows has the details.

Plus, GoFundMe is under fire for alleged double standards after it blocked the so-called “insurrectionists” of the Freedom Convoy that critics said were besieging Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. They didn’t have any such qualms about facilitating the fundraising efforts of the anarchists behind CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) in Seattle, Washington. RT’s Danny Armstrong reports.