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27 Dec, 2021 19:45

Russia-Ukraine crisis escalates; Kiev army shells East

The crisis escalates between Ukraine and Russia. People in east Ukraine’s breakaway republics continue living under the constant threat of shelling from Kiev’s armed forces. That’s despite a ceasefire agreement being stuck between the rebels and the governments years ago-with NATO forces openly supplying the Ukrainian military. RT’s Roman Kosarev brings us the report. Then, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and former UK MP George Galloway join a panel to discuss. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are back in the news cycle-but this time-they’re on the same side. While the two may see a rematch in 2024, there’s one topic they agree on - and that’s campaigning against Bitcoin and other crypto. Journalist Glenn Greenwald discussed this topic recently on his Rumble channel and underscores that no matter what side of the aisle money should stay green according to politicians. Investigative journalist and cohost of Boom Bust Ben Swann shares his perspective.