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21 Dec, 2021 21:43

US airstrikes deadlier than Pentagon admits

Newly leaked Pentagon papers show that the US airstrikes across the Middle East have killed thousands of civilians, including many children. According to the New York Times, 50K missile attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria resulted in 1300 casualties over a 5-year-period. The bombshell report now causing concern among many. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has more. Then former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and former UK MP George Galloway join a panel to share their perspectives. The global concern over the use of ‘killer robots’ just got scarier---after a United Nations conference on the subject matter—failed to agree on putting restrictions on these lethal weapons. So what could this mean for future warfare? RT’s Mollye Barrows brings us this report. Then, media director and chief social media officer for Agora Brands Group Inc. an AI technology company Kevin Mason weighs in.