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Venezuela named 'sponsor of terrorism' by US

In the latest move against an already struggling Venezuela, US Attorney General William Barr has announced the indictment of President Maduro and more than a dozen other Venezuelan officials for a narco-terrorism and cocaine trafficking conspiracy. Author and professor of Latin American History at Pomona College Miguel Tinker Salas shares his expertise. The COVID-19 situation in New York is worsening every day, with some now describing the emergency as worse than the 9/11 terrorist attack. Long lines are forming of people anxious to be tested for the virus, and hospitals are overflowing. RT America's Trinity Chavez has the latest. As local governments take drastic measures to help homeowners stay on top of their payments, could the coronavirus pandemic push the US into another housing crisis like the one in 2008? Naomi Klein, estate director at Compass Real Estate Group, shares her insights.