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20 May, 2019 20:46

Silicon Valley to suffer after Trump threatens Huawei

The war of words continued between the United States and Iran over the weekend, with US President Donald Trump threatening to “end Iran.” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responded that Iran will not be forced into talks because of US “bullying.” RT’s Rachel Blevins has the details. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof deciphers the tensions for RT America’s Manila Chan. Huawei is still effectively banned from doing business in the US, but a new move by the Department of Commerce would allow the Chinese telecom giant to purchase US goods so it can avoid service interruptions for customers. Investigative journalist Ben Swann chats with RT America’s Manila Chan to unpack the latest developments. Finally, a new study finds processed foods are addictive and lead to obesity. What may come as a surprise is frozen food items also lead to weight gain and aren’t as healthy as one may think. RT correspondent Ashlee Banks has the story.