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NATO protests call out regime changers

Protesters descended on Washington, DC, over the weekend, accusing NATO of orchestrating regime change and planning an invasion of Venezuela. This comes as the organization is celebrating its 70th anniversary this week. RT's Dan Cohen reports. RT’s Rachel Blevins reports that despite Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido’s claim that 90 percent of the people support him, he now says he cannot become president without support from the military. Investigative journalist Ben Swann says the second power outage and continued supply shortages in Venezuela have not increased support for opposition leader Juan Guaido. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says governments should play a more active role in policing the Internet. Joining RT America’s Ashlee Banks to discuss the possibilities is legal and media analyst Lionel of Lionel Media. The Trump administration and previous ones have long been interested in exploring the possibilities of weaponizing space. To discuss this topic, RT America’s Ashlee Banks is joined by Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.