Why Blackface doesn’t cut it outside US

Despite the international community encouraging a peaceful resolution to Venezuela’s internal struggle, the United States appears set to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro, according to RT’s Rachel Blevins. In Alabama, a man’s rights may have been violated when he wasn’t allowed a Muslim imam in the room while he was executed. A New York woman was found dead inside a suitcase that was left in Greenwich, Connecticut. Legal expert Lionel analyzes Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s claim that the National Enquirer tried to blackmail him. In “Race in America,” RT’s Ashlee Banks asks author Yarima Karama to contextualize recent blackface controversies. TSA has found 10 guns in carry-on bags every day in 2018. RT’s Natasha Sweatte reports on experts warning people to proceed with caution when sending money via third-party electronic systems.