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20 Jan, 2019 07:31

Are we civil? (E3)

GONZO heads further up the California coastline into San Francisco where they chat to liberation psychologist and journalist Nozomi Hayase about the American dream as a great myth. In fact, the American people have never been free and forget their own barbaric history. Nozomi points out that the free speech movement started in San Francisco and the cypherpunks were at the vanguard of that movement. Now, most are so enthralled by their smartphones, and don’t actually communicate with each other using real-world dialogue, that they fail to notice the battle for freedom all around them. Before Max and Stacy head out towards Yosemite, Max stops to chat to best-selling author, Warren Farrell, about the so-called ‘boy crisis,’ what next in the gender wars and what is needed from both sides for a real truce to be called. GONZO then hits the road again, on the way to Yosemite National Park.