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16 Feb, 2022 09:00

The West wants to keep Africa as beggars, Eritrea and Ethiopia are threats to neo-colonialism! (E1009)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Thomas Mountain, an independent journalist in Eritrea. He explains why the Horn of Africa is strategically so important, and discusses US attempts to gain control of the Bab Al Mandab strait. He also traces Ethiopia’s move closer towards Eritrea under Abiy Ahmed, and explains how the country’s development model threatens the EU and the US. Mountain talks about the TPLF’s vast sums of money allegedly hidden away in City of London banks, how Europe continues to ‘super exploit’ Africa, how Eritrea and Ethiopia threaten the neo-colonial model, the role of the World Bank and IMF in exploiting Africa, and much more. Finally, we speak to Lydia Zigomo, global programmes director of Oxfam International. She discusses why the UN classifies Yemen as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, the story of a young boy named Omar who has spent most of his life in displacement camps, continuing US and UK arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition bombing Yemen and fuelling the continuing conflict, how the media has ignored the Yemen war, and much more.


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Ahead of next week’s EU-African Union Summit in Brussels, President von der Leyen announced in Senegal an Investment plan for Africa that will mobilise more than €150 billion in investments from Team Europe in the coming years.

‘Global Gateway’, our global investment strategy launched in December is about investing in strategic infrastructure in key sectors like energy, transport and digital, but also in health, education and the youth. It is based on values like transparency, sustainability, good governance, and takes into account people’s needs . It focuses on the twin green and digital transitions and fully in line with the Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement.

“Our two Unions share the same vision: to create a common area of stability and prosperity”. And our new Global Gateway Investment plan for Africa will help us achieve that goal as investments are how we implement our shared ambition.

Europe is Africa's most reliable and by far its most important investment partner.

As the President recalled “this is the first regional plan under Global Gateway, two months after the launch of the strategy. It will be led by Team Europe and implemented in partnership” with our African partners.


We contacted the Embassy of Yemen in London about the allegations made in this segment and they said:

  1. The paragraph has disregarded completely the role of Iran as a major player and supporter of the Houthies in their coup against the legitimate government in Yemen.
  2. The paragraph has neglected the main cause of the crisis in Yemen, i.e. the military coup taking over Yemen by the Houthi rebellion supported by Iran.
  3. If you want to help Yemen get out of this plight, you can follow the efforts made by the Yemeni Government and Saudi Arabia calling for a political solution to put an end to this war and you will figure out the role of Iran in disrupting all these efforts.
  4. Landmines are used by the Houthies that are killing and injuring the civilians.
  5. The attacks on Marib and other cities have always been initiated by the Houthies backed by Iran. The Yemeni Government backed by the alliance are seeking a peaceful solution and any action taken by them is in defence not attack. 
  6. The humanitarian crisis in Yemen must end and can only be resolved with the Houthies agreement to a peaceful solution and Iran withdrawing its support from the Houthies.
  7. The refusal of peace by the Houthies has exacerbated the humanitarian situation in Yemen.