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COP26: Putin and Xi didn’t attend because they didn’t want to be taken to task! – Lord Deben (E1071)

On this episode, we speak to Lord Deben from COP26. He discusses progress made to end deforestation and reduce methane emissions. He criticizes Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping of China for not attending COP26 in person, and tears into Scott Morrison of Australia as well. The UK climate change committee chair also looks at the current trajectory of limiting global temperatures after COP26, why current farming methods are unsustainable, and more. Finally, we speak to Martin Butcher, arms and conflict adviser at Oxfam UK. He discusses the worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen as Houthi forces advance on pro-government troops in Marib, Saudi Arabia’s ‘serious’ violations of international humanitarian law and its continuous aerial bombardment, how UK and US arms sales to Saudi Arabia are worsening the crisis, US militarism and its impact on the climate, and more.


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