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9 Oct, 2021 08:21

US political system captured by corporate interests! Pressure building for real change – IPS’ Chuck Collins (E1059)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Chuck Collins, director of the program on inequality and the common good at the Institute for Policy Studies. He discusses the contents of the Pandora Papers which reveal the state of South Dakota to be a $367 billion tax haven, extreme income inequality in the United States and America’s historical tolerance of inequality, the capture of the US political system by corporate interests, the trend by which most Americans side more with Bernie Sanders on addressing inequality than with corporate Democrats, the massive increase in billionaire wealth over the coronavirus pandemic, the propensity for violence as inequality worsens, and much more! Finally, we speak to Professor Jim Al-Khalili, the University of Surrey’s distinguished chair in theoretical physics for World Space Week. He discusses the importance of including science in popular culture and broadening the understanding of ordinary citizens on the way science works, social media’s amplification of anti-scientific conspiracy theories, the overwhelming benefit science has brought to the world despite nefarious uses such as in war, the Islamic world’s pioneering of modern science in contrast to Boris Johnson’s remarks that Islam put the Muslim world ‘centuries behind,’ the study of quantum biology, and much more!


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