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18 Aug, 2021 08:52

Pakistan’s UN ambassador and Jimmy Dore on the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan (E1045)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN, Munir Akram. He discusses India blocking Pakistan from joining the discussion at the UN Security Council between countries in the region over the Afghanistan crisis, the speed of the collapse of the Afghan government, Pakistan’s operations with regional countries to reach a political settlement in Afghanistan, Russia’s initiatives in the Afghan peace process, Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s comments on the Taliban ‘freeing Afghanistan from slavery’, and much more! We then speak to Jimmy Dore, host of the Jimmy Dore Show. He discusses why the Afghanistan withdrawal is window dressing to shift attention from a refocusing of US imperialism, the West’s concerns for women’s rights in Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover, the Afghanistan war as a big win for the military-industrial complex, the arguable irony of the West helping overthrow the Soviet-backed communist government that protected the freedoms that the Taliban now threatens, US President Joe Biden’s refusal to enact a $15 minimum wage, why he calls for a US military intervention in Los Angeles, the climate crisis and the role of the US military in worsening it, and much more!


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