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Perseverance landing: Could we live on Mars one day & what the planet can teach us about climate change (E979)

First, we speak to Sarah Al-Amiri, UAE minister of state for advanced sciences. She discusses the UAE’s first planetary exploration mission with HOPE, which has launched a satellite into Mars’ orbit. She explains how learning about the Red Planet’s climate history can teach us lessons for dealing with climate change at home, the UAE’s rapid development of its space program, attempts to diversify its economy, and much more! Next, we speak to Prof. Sanjeev Gupta, planetary geologist with NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover mission. He discusses the landing of the Perseverance Mars Rover, how the new mission will work, and what NASA hopes to find. He explains why it’s likely that Mars harboured some life forms in the ancient past, why we probably won’t come to live on the planet, and much more! Finally, we speak to Willem Buiter, global chief economist at Citigroup (2010-2018). In contrast to our interview with bitcoin.com founder Roger Ver, Willem Buiter argues that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are essentially environmentally unfriendly, speculative fiat currencies. He also disputes that it can be used as a currency and discusses why there won’t be mass-scale adoption.

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