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2 Nov, 2020 06:03

Jimmy Dore: Joe Biden is NOT the antidote to Donald Trump! (E942)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Jimmy Dore, host of the Jimmy Dore Show and leading progressive commentator. He discusses why Joe Biden’s record as vice president and as a senator is worse than Donald Trump’s. He also talks about Biden’s responsibility for the Crime Bill, leading to the US having the world’s biggest prison population; Kamala Harris’ role in upholding the prison-industrial complex; whether Donald Trump is better than Joe Biden; the alleged smearing of Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard during the primaries; why Biden won’t move to the left if he becomes president; and much more! Finally, we speak to former senior adviser to Bernie Sanders, Phillip Agnew. He discusses the recent protests in Philadelphia after the police killing of another African American, Donald Trump’s ‘bungled’ response to the coronavirus pandemic, why black and poor people in the US have a poor choice on both sides, why he believes progressives and Americans should vote for Joe Biden despite his record, the shadow of McCarthyism over Joe Biden and the United States, what corporations and private banks can expect from a Biden presidency, and much more!

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