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3 Jun, 2020 08:34

Minneapolis organizer: We have a CIVIL WAR between the state & black, brown communities! (George Floyd protests) E886

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America organizer Robin Wonsley about the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, and the subsequent Black Lives Matter uprising that has swept the United States. She discusses the postponement of the trial of the officer who killed George Floyd, the grassroots nature of the protests with no central leadership, corporations arguably feigning support for African Americans while suppressing wages and working with the security state, the militarization of US police, what would happen if Black Lives Matter protesters used the Second Amendment to arm themselves like white anti-lockdown protesters had, Minneapolis’ history of using bombings against communities of color when they rise up, the ‘civil war’ happening in America between the state and the police versus black and brown communities and the working class, the link between capitalism and police brutality, Joe Biden attempting to gain political capital from the protests, and the prospect of four more years of Trump.

Finally, we speak to Francisco Rodriguez, a former adviser to Venezuelan opposition candidate Henri Falcon. He discusses why he believes Maduro and Chavez’s mismanagement is the primary reason for Venezuela’s plight, the Silvercorp USA coup attempt last month and whether the US was involved, the IMF refusing to grant loans to either Nicolas Maduro or Juan Guaido, the damage caused by US sanctions on Venezuelan living standards and the economy, and more!


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