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DrillMinister on coronavirus: London Mayor Sadiq Khan makes me FEAR for my safety! (E882)

On this episode of Going Underground, we firstly speak to rapper and London mayoral candidate DrillMinister. He discusses tragic deaths in his family due to coronavirus (Covid-19), Boris Johnson sending primary school children back to school amid the pandemic, thousands of elderly deaths in UK care homes, why London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s coronavirus response has made him fear for his safety, the Conservative government’s attempts to blame China for the spread of coronavirus, and more! Next, we speak to Scott Santens, editor of Basic Income Today. He discusses his disappointment with UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak ruling out universal basic income, stating that it is the easiest way to get money into people’s hands with the least bureaucracy possible. He also discusses why furlough schemes in the UK as well as means-tested relief in the US is inefficient, the proposal for a $2,000 universal basic income in the US, Joe Biden’s arguable disappearance amid the pandemic, how a basic income could rescue the United States and countries around the world from a long-lasting Great Depression, and more!

Finally, we speak to Sean Stone, director of the 2008 film ‘Singularity,’ in which he arguably foreshadows the events of today where a pandemic virus brings in more mass surveillance. He discusses the rise of modern mass surveillance and why he predicted pandemics would be a catalyst for increasing surveillance, how an unhealthy American population has meant more coronavirus deaths in the United States, and more!


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