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14 Mar, 2020 08:33

32 years since Saddam Hussein's Halabja massacre (Kurdistan region high representative) (E856)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq's High Representative to the UK Karwan Jamal Tahir. He discusses the Kurdish art exhibition where our interview is taking place, the values of Kurdish culture, the 32nd anniversary of the Halabja massacre which saw then US-UK ally Saddam Hussein drop chemical weapons and kill over 5,000 Kurds, the Kurdish uprising which saw the establishment of democratic Kurdish autonomous rule in Iraq, the legacy of the Iraq War, the Kurdish reaction to the US assassination of Qassem Soleimani, and the KRG's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Next, we speak to the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan representative, 'Heela.' Her face is blurred to hide her identity for her safety. She discusses the US' war crimes in Afghanistan, the instability the US presence has caused, the marriage between radical Islam and the United States in Afghanistan, US torture using black sites, and more! Finally, Going Underground's social media producer Farhaan Ahmed speaks to former secretary of state for Scotland David Mundell MP about the new budget presented by Rishi Sunak, whether the Conservative Party is turning to the left, whether the government's coronavirus measures are enough, whether the NHS is truly prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic, large-scale poverty in the UK, and more!


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