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12 Oct, 2019 08:53

MI6’s ex-Al-Qaeda spy: Trump withdrew from northern Syria to save NATO from crisis! (E802)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to former alleged MI6 spy in Al-Qaeda, Aimen Dean, about the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria controlled by Kurdish groups such as the YPG and SDF, why Turkey’s Erdogan has fallen for a trap, why Trump’s withdrawal from Northern Syria is to save NATO, how Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin are likely to respond to this development and what the future holds for the Kurds in Syria. We also discuss the Saudi Aramco oil facility attack and why Dean believes this to be a false flag perpetrated by the Saudis, not Iran, the Iraq protests and why Western media isn’t covering them, and more!

Next, we speak to Republican candidate for Florida’s 20th district Lateresa Jones, who discusses why Trump’s wall must be built, the Democrats’ campaign to impeach Donald Trump, unemployment issues in her own district, and more!

Finally, we speak to progressive Democratic candidate and former staffer for Andrew Yang’s campaign, Jonathon Herzog, (running for New York’s 10th district) about the issues facing his district, why the US needs to pursue a more peaceful foreign policy, his ‘democracy dollars’ policy designed to combat the influence of big donors in politics, and more!

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READMORE: Statement from the Turkish Embassy:

Operation Peace Spring has been launched to address Turkey’s legitimate security concerns, and is conducted in accordance with the right of self-defense under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter and resolutions of the UN Security Council on fight against terrorism.

It aims to ensure the security of our border, to neutralize the terrorist threat adjacent to our border, and to save the Syrian people from the oppression of terrorists.

The operation only targets PYD/YPG terrorist elements and their hideouts, shelters, weapons and vehicles. PYD/YPG is the Syrian offshoot of PKK, which is recognized as a terrorist organization also by the EU and NATO.

PYD/YPG does not represent all Kurds in the region. Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, PYD/YPG terrorist organization has oppressed and intimidated the local population, Syrian Kurds included, and forcibly displaced them. There are around 300.000 Syrian Kurds in Turkey who are not able to return to Syria. The crimes which PYD/YPG committed have been documented by independent international organizations. Therefore, the operation is also in the interest of the people of the region, including Syrian Kurds, Arabs and Christians.

We underline once again that this operation is not against the Kurdish people, it is against terrorist organizations.