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10 Jul, 2019 08:52

Anthony Scaramucci: Stop foreign wars and help poor Americans! (E770)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Donald Trump’s former White House director of communications about US taxpayers bailing out the banks, British Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch’s leaked diplomatic cables calling Trump ‘inept’ and ‘clumsy,’ how this will affect the relationship between the US and UK, and the motivation behind the leak. He also discusses a potential future trade deal with the UK, the conflict between Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve, allegations of concentration camps on the US border, his support for Tulsi Gabbard, and opposition to US wars and Trump’s Deal of the Century proposal for Palestine and Israel. Next, we speak to Marc Wadsworth, activist and former member of the Labour Party, about Chris Williamson MP’s suspension from the party, and the letter signed by 100+ members of the Jewish community in support of Chris, which was taken down by the Guardian, Trump’s Deal of the Century and why it effectively tells Palestinians to surrender their national rights.

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READ MORE: Statement from the UK foreign office:

“We have made clear to the US how unfortunate this leak is. The selective extracts leaked do not reflect the closeness of, and the esteem in which we hold, the relationship. At the same time we have also underlined the importance of Ambassadors being able to provide honest, unvarnished assessments of the politics in their country.”

“Sir Kim Darroch continues to have the Prime Minister’s full support.”

“The UK has a special and enduring relationship with the US based on our long history and commitment to shared values and that will continue to be the case.”