Turkey’s war on the Kurds, whistleblowing on waterboarding, and Prime Minister’s Questions (E315)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the PKK, waterboarding and Prime Minister’s Questions. We speak to Mark Campbell, one of the organisers of the Stop Turkey's War on the Kurds demonstration, as the Turkish slaughter of the Kurds continues to leave HUNDREDS dead, and we ask: Is the UK's foreign secretary Philip Hammond alarmed by the Kurds working with Moscow, Damascus and Washington? And with US voters going to the polls again today, a CIA whistleblower explains UK-US torture collaboration, why you shouldn't back Clinton, and how Obama is the worst president in US history. Plus, an angry Labour MP who wanted Corbyn's job complains about the Syrian ceasefire before David Cameron puts her straight at this week's Prime Minister's Questions.


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