Tri-continental attack, Greece’s money and the fight for equality (E225)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on tri-continental attack that shook the world yesterday, and questions whether our mainstream media will ever understand how our foreign and economic policies aid ISIS. He speaks to the Abdel Bari Atwan- Editor-in-chief at Rai al-Youm.And, the UK Labour Party continues to support subsidising poverty pay from corporations at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions.Plus, as hundreds of thousands join the LGBTI Pride event in London today, Afshin speaks to journalist Benjamin Butterworth, and questions whether the fight for equality has been won. Finally, Greece may have invented democracy but is it now in the vanguard of saving it as it battles with Washington's IMF in EU talks in Brussels? Afshin speaks to Eurozone Analyst Yannis Koutsomitis.