​Jeremy Corbyn on Labour Leadership, Save the Children on Yemen and Magna Carta (E221)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the Labour leadership, saving the children in Yemen and secrets and lies in the week’s news. Jeremy Corbyn, anti-austerity, anti-Iraq War, PRO-bank regulation and PRO-human rights could be Labour's next leader. We talk to him about getting the keys to number 10. And Afshin investigates whether Snowden really does have blood on his hands? And in our roundup of the week’s news former MP and broadcaster Lembit Opik joins Afshin to talk about the week’s stories from David Cameron’s Magna blunder to executions in Saudi Arabia. Plus with 80 percent of the population facing humanitarian disaster in Yemen, we talk to Save The Children's representative in the capital about US/UK-backed Saudi bombing of one of the poorest countries in the world.

We contacted the Saudi embassy in London but they didn’t get back to us in time for the broadcast.

But the Foreign Office told us that:

The UK welcomes UN’s commitment to begin political consultations, and its call for participants to engage in good faith and without pre-conditions. We are offering our full diplomatic support to the UN in its vital role in brokering a Yemeni-led political process.

We remain deeply concerned about the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen. The UN reports that over 1 million Yemenis have been internally displaced since 26 March, and an extra 2 million people don’t have enough food or access to clean water. The UK supports the UNSC call for a further humanitarian ceasefire to allow delivery of aid; urges the coalition to quickly move to targeted naval interdictions of incoming commercial ships; and urges all parties to show restraint and enable sustained humanitarian access on the ground.

And a MoD spokesperson said:

“The UK is not participating directly in Saudi military operations. We are providing support to the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces and as part of pre-existing arrangements are providing precision guided weapons to assist the Saudi Air Force. The use of these weapons is a matter for the Saudis but we are assured that they will be used in compliance with international law.”


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