The good, the bad and the left-wing (E191)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on Britain's smaller left-wing parties. George Galloway, MP and leader of the Respect Party, explains that his party is the 'ghost' of what Labour used to be, standing for working class people, and understanding class is more important than nationality. Dave Nellist, leader of the TUSC, says that they 'fundamentally challenge' austerity, unlike the mainstream parties that argue around the edges, and they are a “voice for the working class people of the quality they deserve.” We go on the campaign trail with the SNP, who could destroy Labour in Scotland and hold the balance of power in Westminster. And with Prince Nasser of Bahrain caught taking a selfie in Hyde Park, we take a look at Britain's still-buoyant relationship with a regime accused of torture and countless breaches of human rights.

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