US losing grip on UK, suing fracking MPs, & who's donating to politicians? (E187)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on Osborne's recent announcement that Britain will be joining the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Liam Halligan, analyst and editor-at-large of Business New Europe, believes this is a decision made based on China as a trading partner, rather than politics, and whilst it might anger America, trading with China is necessary if future generations are to have any kind of economic prosperity. Jojo Mehta, founder of Frack Free Five Valleys, explains how she has put MPs on notice about the risk of fracking and why this means ANYONE can sue their MP for damage caused by the controversial practice. Emma Tyers, co-founder of the website, explains how you can find out which companies are donating to which MPs. With Swedish prosecutors agreeing to talk to Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy, could he soon walk free? And we take a look behind the headlines, with Mandy on Miliband and erection-causing spiders.

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