​Institutional ‘petri dish’ for abuse & UK’s wave against austerity (E185)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on how to stop child abuse scandals like those making the headlines recently. Tom Perry, founder of Mandate Now, believes that mandatory reporting of concerns about the welfare of children is the only way to protect them, but ministers worry about the potential cost of the system too much to implement it. Marina Prentoulis, one of Syriza’s UK spokespeople, says there is a ‘wave’ of anti-austerity sentiment in the UK, and parties should listen to groups like Occupy if they want to follow the example of the Greeks. Our producer Ashraf Qizilbash goes on the campaign trail with the Conservatives, and despite welfare cuts and mass surveillance, we are all in it together, to continue rebuilding the economy. And today, India are selling their mobile phone spectrum, with Vodafone – revealed by Snowden to have taken money from GCHQ in turn for assistance spying – looking to take control.

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