Secret governance, ‘sweatshop’ London, & modern day slaves (E154)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the surveillance state and the secrecy behind it. Investigative journalist Duncan Campbell warns the situation hasn’t improved, saying major companies ‘have all accepted secret government orders’ leading to a ‘system of secret governance that’s intolerable’. Ivan Massow, looking to become the next mayor of London, lays out his plan to improve the “sweatshop of the UK.” With Ireland taking the UK to court over allegations of torture, more accusations surface, this time about the UK facilitating the CIA. We look at the UK’s potential trade links with Algeria, despite their questionable record on human rights. And John Lewis turns out to be at the top of a supply chain involving modern day slaves, with people working 20-hour days for 50p an hour. Their comment to us: “John Lewis does not tolerate working practices which do not meet these requirements.”

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