Phone hacking ‘culture of contempt’ & Bowie’s ch-ch-changes (E123)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the phone hacking scandal. Peter Jukes suggests that Coulson was a victim of the culture at the Sun, with them simply getting too powerful, and an attitude of contempt towards personal privacy. Simon Critchley looks at how David Bowie has evolved over the years, and the political and cultural messages delivered through his music. With British forces bombing Iraq again, we ask if we can expect a repeat of what the Director-General of MI5 called an ‘exponential’ increase in the risk of terror attacks on UK soil. In breaking views, Iraq dominates the headlines – but the Mail still has time to explain why those making 370,000 pounds (US$600,000) a year are struggling. And why is even Rupert Murdoch accusing Google of being monopolistic?

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