Nationalized rail, reluctant capitalists, & another police shooting (E120)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on political values. Roger Scruton discusses what it means to be a conservative, arguing it’s about what binds us, by drawing attention to truths that are often hard to find. Christian Woolmar, seeking the Labour nomination for Mayor of London in 2016, calls for the renationalization of the railways and says if he’s successful, social housing and a living wage are two big priorities. We ask why Cameron is so quick to condemn the beheadings by ISIS whilst still visiting Saudi Arabia, where more than 20 people have been beheaded since August 4. We look at the death of Dean Joseph, shot dead by the Metropolitan Police just 5 miles from where Mark Duggan died. We take a look at the headlines in Breaking Views, and the flurry of ISIS-related headlines the MSM tried to hide behind Scottish referendum coverage. And a state-owned rail company returns 250 million pounds to the treasury – yet still faces privatization.

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