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8 Mar, 2020 08:16

Anti war (E11)

In this episode, Front Running takes a look at the anti-war policies, mainly those from Tulsi Gabbard, the single-issue candidate fighting for peace. The US military occupies or operates in over a hundred nations on earth, is peace even an option at this point?

For this episode of Front Running, Max and Stacy are joined by guests Dr. Michael Hudson, author of 'Super Imperialism,' and Jim Kunstler, the author of 'The Geography of Nowhere' and 'The Long Emergency.' As the US begins yet another year of the endless war first started in earnest in 2001, has the new generation of voters had enough? Tulsi Gabbard is certainly setting hearts racing … in the cable newsrooms where talking heads sponsored by “Raytheon”, “Lockheed Martin” and “Boeing”, responded in horror at her suggestion that the US retreat from even just a few of its wars. Dr. Michael Hudson notes that war is one of the few partisan issues that both sides of the political aisle always get behind. He further notes that it is the US dollar which enables this by essentially forcing foreign nations to finance its military. Tune in to hear what Front Running has to say about the remote chance for peace anytime in the near future.

Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/rttv/sets/front-running