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10 Feb, 2023 09:37

Abducted in Mexico

Every day Mexican families face the risk of having one of their loved ones kidnapped. If it happens, the desperate people sell their houses or cars, or collect money from the whole family, but no one refuses to pay the ransom, according to the founder of local NGO Stop Kidnapping. This is the reason abduction is becoming the fastest and easiest way to earn easy money. ‘A guy offered me a job and I accepted. They took me to a house that was the place where I looked after the victims, I tortured them’, confesses a kidnapper. He treats his victims as objects he will be paid for, and never feels sorry for them. Police corruption resulting in untraceable cash flow and virtually no punishment for the kidnappers – less than 3% of these criminals go to jail – attracts more and more people to this shadowy business. However, Mexican NGOs argue that they know the solution to curb kidnapping. What is it?

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