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22 Jul, 2022 09:33

Azov's Last Stand

'Azovstal was their main fortress because it is the most difficult site to capture. It’s a really good one to defend and a very challenging one to launch an offensive against', says a Russian soldier about the Azov battalion. Russian troops and the DPR militia had forced the Ukrainian fighters to leave Mariupol and retreat to the plant. Although the militants had prepared Azovstal by stocking field rations there, it didn’t help. For almost two months, fierce fighting raged around facility. Two and a half thousand militants were cornered in units of the factory and in its impregnable bunkers. They retaliated by bombarding the city and its residents with an array of weapons. Take a look inside the liberated plant and follow the course of the liberation with the crew.

Watch "Azov’s Last Stand" on RTD website and on RT's live feed. The time of the broadcast is available on RT's schedule page.