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2 Jul, 2019 10:51

Caravan of Dreams

Thousand-strong caravans marching to the border with the United States have made international headlines since October 2018. Men, women, and children from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and beyond make their way through Mexico, enduring bleak conditions of life on the road. They flee persecution, poverty and crime in their home countries, guided by hope for a better future in America. RTD travels to the Mexico-Guatemala border to meet migrants who joined US-bound caravans. Some are yet to cross into Mexico; others are waiting for humanitarian visas in Mexico’s Mapastepec. While hundreds of thousands are caught at the very doorstep to the US, they all remain undeterred and determined to continue their arduous journey.

Watch "Caravan of Dreams" on RTD website and on RT’s live feed. The time of the broadcast is available on RT’s schedule page.