Cargill: Feast or famine?

© Bobby Yip

American multinational Cargill trades in food commodities. It purchases, trades and distributes all of the basic ingredients on our plate - from meat to oil and cereal. At €121 billion (US$130 billion) a year, its turnover is twice that of McDonald’s and Coca Cola combined, and larger than the GDP of Hungary - yet few know the name. Today, this giant is at the center of controversy regarding the destruction of food crops (and local jobs), pollution and deforestation. In France, the US and Latin America, farmers and residents are sounding the alarm about the negative consequences of the global agri-business.

We investigate this multinational, which is also suspected of having indirectly caused the 2008 hunger riots by speculating on certain commodities. The vice president of Cargill goes exclusively on record for us to respond to various charges.

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