​Art of gold

Few places in the world still teach fine arts the old way, where form is everything, but the St-Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts is one. It’s the oldest art school in Russia and students from all over the world dream of studying within its ancient walls. They believe it’s a place that sets the gold standard in teaching classic art. It’s not just about technique because they believe great art is all about love, for yourself, your subject and your medium, and that attitude makes this art school quite unique.

There are art schools all over the world but none quite like St-Petersburg’s Academy of Fine Arts. There’s no modernism to be found here, classical art and classic techniques are still taught, a place where creativity comes from the heart and love is just as important as paint or clay in creating great work. Students learn the old ways that respect form above all else, and they still study anatomy, unheard of in most modern art colleges. This place is seen as preeminent place for classical art training. The intensely creative environment is a hot house for romance and an idyllic oasis of beauty, where the ancient walls keep the outside world of conflict and war at bay.

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