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Hawaii: The stolen paradise

Hawaii: The stolen paradise

The documentary takes us on a journey to revisit the history and origins of Hawaii and its people. How they came to develop an independent civilization globally recognized until the overthrow of the monarchy and the illegal annexation by the United States in 1893.

The Hawaiians believe that during the first few decades of the 20th century the U.S. was devoted to overriding the native language, Hawaiian culture and replace it with tourism. All this as a mask to hide the true goal: to make Hawaii the most important military base of the American empire.

The U.S. claims she has legally annexed Hawaii as its 50th state. But there are many conflicting views when it comes to this. In 1993 President Bill Clinton signed a joint resolution of Congress in which he literally, “acknowledges that the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii occurred with the active participation of agents and citizens of the U.S., and also recognizes that Native Hawaiians never they gave up their sovereign rights and national people.”

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