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19 Aug, 2023 06:05

LatAm Divorce


A pink tide has taken over Latin America, with several countries witnessing left-wing victories in their presidential and parliamentary elections. Among those countries are Brazil, Peru and Colombia, which have been key US allies under right-wing governments. However, with Lula's victory in Brazil, Latin America's largest country in terms of population and size, we've seen a leftist domino effect that has moved many countries away from the US sphere of influence. This was evident at the G7 conference, when Lula displayed agitation with Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky over his tardiness and later refused to meet with him. Lula's strong stance has led many to question whether or not Latin America is divorcing from US foreign policy. To discuss the LatAm divorce, host Rick Sanchez is joined by journalist Esteban Carrillo to delve deeper into the topic.