Hijacking Ukraine’s Revolution, HSBC’s Laundry List, & Willful Blindness

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin remarks on the latest State Department scandal involving Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland discussing a regime-change strategy with US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. Abby then wraps up Part 2 of her interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Chris Hedges, discussing the unsustainable nature of the economic system, the military mind in solving world problems, and the antidote to defeatism. She goes on to call attention to how charges were brought against a bitcoin executive who is accused of laundering $1 Million in the ‘black market’, yet the HSBC crime syndicate receives immunity for laundering billions of dollars for criminals and terrorists. BTS wraps up the show with an in depth interview with Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur and author of the upcoming book ‘A Bigger Prize’, about how the notion of willful blindness inhibits humanity’s ability to grow, and how the concept of competition is more damaging than we’ve been led to believe.

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