Big Brother blimps, ending partisan primaries, California’s worst drought in 500 years

Abby Martin talks about JLENS Blimps, surveillance balloons set to spy on the entire East Coast by the end of 2014. A small victory at Guantanamo Bay Prison, where a US Appeals Court ruled the detainees will, for the first time, have the right to challenge their force-feeding in federal court. Chad Peace, legal strategist at, talks about the need to end partisan primary elections, prescribing a grassroots strategy to accomplish this. The 2014 World Press Freedom Index from Reporters without Borders - we discuss the dismal ranking of Eritrea, an East African country with a worse record of press freedoms than North Korea. Finally, editor of Brad Friedman and co-host of the Green News Report Desi Doyen talk about California’s worst drought in 500 years and other environmental issues in the news.

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