NYPD grabs breast then charges victim, Greg Palast on Koch & impunity for sex crimes

Abby Martin calls attention to a report by AP exposing the scope of impunity given to numerous US servicemen involved in cases of sex crimes on Army bases in Japan. Investigative journalist Greg Palast talks about a document left behind at a Koch Brothers political fundraiser that reveals the dark money behind many right-wing legislative campaigns in the US. New York Fashion Week and the conditions endured by foreign garment workers in the industry - we cite the tragic 2013 factory collapse in Bangladesh. The trial of Occupy Wall Street activist Cecily McMillan, facing up to seven years in prison following a beating by NYPD officers that left her unconscious - we speak with volunteers from the #Justice4Cecily campaign, Lucy Parks and Yoni Miller, about the farther-reaching implications of the trial. Finally, a call to action to join the fight to end NSA mass surveillance. To learn more please visit thedaywefightback.org

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