Computer age philosophy, Supreme Court kings and queens, Green friends and foes

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Jaron Lanier,  computer scientist and author of the book ‘Who Owns the Future?’ about the future of automation and it’s effects on society, along with what room is left for the human element in an information economy. Abby then highlights the people of Dryden, NY, as the day’s heroes for their efforts to ban fracking in their town over the adverse effects on health and the environment. Abby calls out North Carolina republican state senator Bill Rabon for consciously ignoring opposition to a bill that would gut the state’s environmental standards, and pushing the bill through committee without counting votes. BTS wraps up the show with a look at the interests driving the decisions of US Supreme Court justices, and profiles some of the most controversial members of the court. Abby then talks to BTS producer Manuel Rapalo about the current Supreme Court and the high-profile cases coming up in 2013.

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