CIA spies on its own watchdogs, Israeli tactics militarizing US border, NM copper water poison

Abby Martin on the US Senate’s blocking of a bill that would remove the military chain of command from processing cases of sexual assault, breaking down why the process is so problematic. News that the CIA secretly monitored the Senate Intelligence Committee, the very group responsible for oversight of the agency. Independent journalist Ben Swann talks about the biggest takeaways from the 2014 CPAC conference, discussing Sen. Rand Paul’s Straw Poll victory and Sarah Palin’s comments on nuclear weapons. A recent hunger strike by detainees in Washington State awaiting deportation and the need for comprehensive immigration reform, as well as a Congress push for further militarization of the US Mexico border. Finally, investigative journalist Dahr Jamail discusses the effects of a record drought in New Mexico, coupled with groundwater pollution from the state’s copper mining industry, that have made drinking water largely unsafe for human consumption.

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