​Cuba Part II: Ebola solidarity & Castro’s daughter on gay rights

Abby Martin highlights Part II of BTS’ eight day trip to Havana, Cuba, starting with an interview with Cuban Dr. Katiel Llorente Izabelez, who explains how Cuba has managed to maintain such a high life expectancy rate, despite the lack of access to up-to-date medical supplies. BTS’ Cody Snell then speaks with students at the Latin American School of Medicine, an international medical school set up by the government that provides free tuition to low-income individuals who want to become doctors. How Cuba managed to send the largest contingent of doctors to fight the Ebola crisis in West Africa. The US programs meant to encourage Cuban doctors to defect and how this undermines international health efforts. Finally, an exclusive with Mariela Castro, daughter of President Raul Castro and director of Cuba’s sexual education program CENESEX, about the biggest challenges facing Cuba’s gay community.

WATCH: Cuba Part I