Cosby and willful blindness, Poverty in USA, Ice volcano & A cure for HIV?

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin discusses how Senator Bernie Sanders is using legislation to approve the Keystone XL pipeline to force the GOP to admitting they are climate change deniers. Abby then breaks down a medical breakthrough at Temple University during which researchers successfully deleted the HIV virus from human DNA. She then speaks to Director of Advocacy at DC Rape Crisis Center, Indira Henard, about the statute of limitations on rape cases as well as misconceptions concerning rape survivors in the wake of accusations against Bill Cosby. Next, author Linda Tirado joins the show to discuss her book “Hand to Mouth” and what it’s like to live in poverty stricken America. BTS then features and interview with documentary filmmaker Pablo Levinas about his project following child prodigy and musican Lucchy Pizzichini around the United States, until his sudden deportation. Abby wraps up the show featuring awesome footage of a glacier in Iceland clashing with lava from a nearby volcano.

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