​Grenade launchers for schools, Occupy’s metamorphosis & abolishing student loan debt

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin reports on how LAPD officers charged with guarding schools are being outfitted with military-grade equipment including grenade launchers, automatic weapons and armored vehicles. Abby also talks about the 3rd anniversary of Occupy Wall St., speaking with Dennis Trainor Jr. producer and host of AcronymTV.com about the many projects and offshoot groups that sprouted from the original movement in New York. Abby then goes over the success that Occupy Wall Street debt relief initiatives like the ‘Rolling Jubilee’ and ‘Strike Debt’ have had in abolishing millions of dollars’ worth of medical and student loan debt for thousands of Americans. Abby reports on the case of Mohammed Abu Kheidr, who was burned alive by a group of Israeli settlers in a revenge killing for the deaths of three Israeli teenagers, speaking with family members of the victim including his 15 year old cousin, Tarek Abu Kheidr, who was arrested and beaten by Israeli police after attending a protest seeking justice for the death of his cousin.

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