​Chiquita terror, relief for the homeless, Abby Yoda WTF & hilarity with Redacted Tonight

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin comments on a lawsuit against Chiquita Banana’s funding of Columbian militias, and how a federal appeals court just threw out the case, citing the lawsuit was out of the court’s jurisdiction. Abby then goes over yet another NYPD police brutality scandal involving officers using illegal techniques, including a recent incident where officers choked a man to death during a violent arrest. Abby also speaks with journalist, Rania Khalek, about the latest ceasefire announced between Israel and Gaza highlighting the disproportionality of the conflict and the collective punishment falling on Palestinian civilians, as well as looking at ways people can help residents of Gaza. Abby features some viewer feedback, speaking to the show’s fans and calling out the trolls. Abby questions the rise in local laws that hurt homeless people, but highlights a positive story from San Francisco where activists repurposed a city bus to offer free showers to homeless residents in the area. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with comedians John F O’Donnell and Lee Camp featured in RT’s newest show ‘Redacted Tonight’ - they discuss a few of the most absurd stories not being covered by the corporate media.

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