​How to get money out of politics, Street art activism & Sage Francis breaks the stage

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks about the Senate Judiciary Committee supporting an amendment that would overturn the infamous Citizens United Supreme Court decision and how grassroots efforts are the solution to get money out of politics. Abby then talks about how the mainstream media continues to frame the Israel-Palestine conflict in a one-sided way, preventing any opportunity for peace and diplomacy. Abby then speaks with street artist, Gilf! about her activism, political art and what it means to be a female street artist in a male dominated industry. BTS wraps the show with an exclusive interview and performance by hip hop artist, Sage Francis, who talks about the corporate takeover of hip hop, post 9/11 fear mongering and media analysis, and performs a song from his new album “Copper Gone”, “Vonnegut Busy”.

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