Dennis Gartman: Trade deficits are china's future

Our lead story: Erin brings you an update on the housing market. Indicators point to a recovering housing market, and it turns out that builders are betting more renters entering into the market in 2014. But units for rent don't create as many jobs as single family homes. Erin explains.

Erin then speaks to Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter. Gartman gives his views on the current state of the US economy, and argues that the trade deficits that China has seen will only continue into the future. Tune in to see his insight into the US, China, and the emerging markets.

For today's Big Deal, Erin sits down with Edward Harrison to talk bananas. Chiquita has merged with Fyffe to become the world's largest banana company. Harrison gives you some the background story that has led up to this deal. Check it out.

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