John Quiggin on zombie economics & Steve Keen talks reality of endogenous money

On Sept 18, 2014, Scotland will vote on whether it wants to separate from the UK. About a third of the voting population in Scotland believe that it is time to leave the United Kingdom, and strike out on their own. However, perhaps a follow up vote should be cast on whether Scotland should issue its own currency. Erin takes a look.

It's Aussie day on Boom Bust! We start with John Quiggin, author and economist at the University of Queensland. We ask him about "zombie economics" and the Australian experience. Then we bring you part two of our interview with economist Steve Keen, who continues his discussion of endogenous money.

For today's Big Deal, Edward Harrison and Erin take a closer look at endogenous money and the information presented by the Bank of England on this topic. Tune in.

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