Brits, banks & bitcoins

Queen Elizabeth II’s bank balance dips - the royal reserve funds are now at the lowest levels in history. Meanwhile, the UK economy appears to be on the mend with its best performance since the financial crisis. Former banker and finance blogger Frances Coppola joins us to determine if the government’s economic policy and the central bank’s quantitative easing program are responsible.

Larry Doyle, former mortgage-backed-securities trader and author of the new book ‘In Bed with Wall Street: The Conspiracy Crippling Our Global Economy’, paints a disturbing picture of Uncle Sam and big banks conspiring for personal gain against the people they are supposed to serve.

Finally, Charlie Shrem, a bitcoin millionaire and one of the most prominent players in the bitcoin world, was arrested on Monday, charged with money laundering and operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business. Erin Ade and Edward Harrison discuss whether the moves are a huge blow to the crypto-currency.

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